1 Liters Lab Dispersion Kneader
1 Liters Lab Dispersion Kneader:

KNEADER MACHINERY'S dispersion mixer is specially designed for the small-batch processing and to meet a wide variety of contemporary mixing needs. It's because of its uniquely designed rotors, rotor blades, mixing chamber and pressure lid at a thorough material flow and shear mixing are created within the mixing chamber leaving no cold spots in the compound and achieving a uniform mixture and better dispersion of materials. Special design chamber can be disassembled easily for inspecting material or cleaning chamber.


  • Rubber Compound
  • Plastic Compound
  • Ceramic
  • Masterbatch
  • Semi-conductive
  • Rubber/plastic magnet
  • Composite material
  • Degradable material
  • Polymer blending
1 Liters Lab Dispersion Kneader
1 Liters Lab Dispersion Kneader
1 Liters Lab Dispersion Kneader
Total Capacity 3 liters
Wording Capacity 1 liters
Main motor 5HP/7.5HP(3.75KW/5.6KW)
Rotor RPM(Variable speed) r:4.5-45rpm
Rotary direction Forward/Reverse
 Main air cylinder  80mm dia. X 350mmST
 Tilting method  By Manual
Rotor dust seal  KD Mecha-seal, self-lubricating dry type
 Temp. sensor  Type K thermocouple probe projected through the bottom of the mixing chamber W/RKC Digital TIC in Control Panel
 Operating system  Manual/Auto