Laboratory Dispersion Kneader
Compounding For Rubber、Plastic & Chemical Industries

This machine most suitable kneading application for all kind Rubber, Plastic and Chemical materials.

This machine with following features:

High quality processed products . Easy for operation . Easy for color changing. MD type chamber can move out/rotor and take out for no dead zone cleaning

Laboratory Dispersion Kneader
Laboratory Dispersion Kneader
Model Mixing Capa. Main Power(HP) Brake Motor  Tilting Angle Temp. Control Material Feed
KD-3-10 3L 10 1/2HP Max.130° Auto FRONT FEED
KD-3-20 3L 20 1/2HP Max.130° Auto FRONT FEED
KD-5-20 5L 20 1/2HP Max.130° Auto FRONT FEED
KD-10-20 10L 20 2HP Max.110° Auto FRONT FEED
KD-10-30 10L 30 2HP Max.130° Auto FRONT FEED
KD-20-40 20L 40 3HP Max.130° Auto FRONT FEED
KD-20-60 20L 60 3HP Max.130° Auto FRONT/REAR